Infant Care Services

The GP who attends the mother also provides care for the new-born baby; they will provide two developmental examinations free of charge at 2 weeks and 6 weeks following the birth.

The baby’s entitlement to other free GP services depends on whether they have a medical card. This means that visits to the GP for any conditions related to the baby’s health during this six week period or afterwards are not covered by the scheme unless the baby itself has a medical card.

If you have a medical card for yourself, you should apply for one for your baby as soon as you get the baby’s PPS No. You can do this by phone to your Local Health Office. The public health nurse will also visit the mother and baby at home during the first 6 weeks and this service is free of charge.

How to apply: Your GP should have application forms for the Maternity and Infant Care Scheme, which you and your GP complete together. Return the form to your Local Health Office.

You should contact the public health nurse at your local health centre to enquire about antenatal classes.

Childhood Immunisations

When your baby is 2 calender months old he or she will be due his or her first vaccinations. It is important to bring your baby for vaccination when he or she is due as this offers the best protection against illness. You can make an appointment with our reception. You will need to bring your baby’s PPS number with you for the vaccination. Vaccinations are carried out by the nurse. Routine childhood vaccinations are provided free of charge. BCG vaccination is organised through your Public Health Nurse.

Click here for the Immunisation Schedule